Other 2007 Meetings


NNN07, Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors, Oct 2-5 2007, Hamamatsu, Japan


NuFact07 Workshop 9th international workshop on Neutrino Factories, Betabeams & Superbeams, Aug 6-11 2007, Okayama, Japan 

NuFact07 Summer school, 6th International School on Neutrino Factories, Superbeams and Betabeams, Jul 27 – Aug 04 2007, KEK Tsukuba, Japan

Golden07, Jun 27-30 2007, Valencia, Spain, focusing on magnetic detectors for the so called “golden transition channel” at the  Neutrino Factory,

FFAG07, Apr 12-17 2007, Grenoble, France

Open meeting of the BENE SG, Feb 21 2007, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Plenary ISS/IDS meeting, March 29-31 2007, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

WIN07, the 21 International Workshop on Weak Interaction and Neutrinos, Jan 15-20 in Kolkata. Slides, including an ISS/IDS session, are now available on the site.

Previous Meetings

BENE06 yearly meeting, within the CARE06 meeting, Nov 14-17, 2006, in Frascati, Italy

Open Meeting of the BENESG Oct 25 2006, 9.00 am CERN,bdg 304.

NuFact06, 8th International Workshop & School on Neutrino Factories, Betabeams & Superbeams (Aug  24-30 2006)  Irvine, California

Last meeting of the International Scoping Study (Aug 21-23 2006)

Open Meeting of the BENE Steering Group, July 4-5 2006, CERN, Switzerland

ISS Meetings in early July 2006 at CERN and in Valencia

ECFA/BENE Day and 3rd general meeting of the International Scoping Study  (ISS), 24-28 April 2006, RAL UK,n VRVS

Open Symposium of Strategy Group, Jan 30-Feb 1 2006, Orsay, Paris, France

2nd general meeting of the International Scoping Study  (ISS), Jan 23-25 2006, KEK, Japan

1st Workshop of the Accelerator WG of the International Scoping Study (ISS), Dec 13-17, 2005, Brookhaven, USA.

ECFA/BENE Week, (BENE05), Nov 22-25 2005, CERN, Switzerland, yearly workshop held within the annual general meeting of CARE (CARE05).

1st Workshop of the Physics WG of the International Scoping Study (ISS), Nov 14-21 2005, Imperial College, London, UK.

1st general meeting of the International Scoping Study, 22-24 Sep 2005, CERN, Switzerland.

NuFact05 Workshop, 21-26 June 2005, Frascati, Italy

Nufact05 Summer School, 12-20 June 2005, Capri, Italy

NNN05 Workshop, 7-9 April 2005, Frejus Laboratory, France

ECFA/BENE Week, 16-18 March 2005, CERN

CARE04 Annual Meeting, 2-5 Nov 2004, DESY, Germany

Workshop on Exploring the Impact of New Neutrino Beams, 18-22 Oct 2004, Trento, Italy

Nufact04 Workshop, 26 July-1 Aug 2004, Osaka, Japan

NuFact04 Summer School, 16-24 July 2004, Tokyo, Japan

Workshop on Physics with a multi-MW proton source, 25-26 May 2004, CERN, Switzerland

ECFA/BENE Week, 25-28 May 2004, CERN, Switzerland

ECFA/BENE Week, 16-20 Feb 2004, CERN, Switzerland

ECFA/BENE Week, 17-21 Nov 2003, CERN, Switzerland