Open Meeting of the BENE Steering Group

October 25, 2006

CERN (Room 304-1-001 A)


The meeting will review the proposals that BENE is preparing for FP7, the 7th European Framework Program.


0) General discussion

1) last review before CARE TaskForce meeting Oct 30

       a) NuFact/Superbeam DS (Edgecock&Dracos, DS1)
       b) Betabeam DS (Lindroos, DS2)

       c) Target&Collector JRA (Dracos&Densham)
       d) SCRF affairs (Saviour)
       e) MICE JRA (Blondel)
       f) Acceleration JRA (Meot)

       g) Detector Initiatives (Soler)

       h) Proton Driver Initiatives? (Zito/Pozimski)

2) Progress in the organization of BENE06 (All)