Workshop of the Accelerator WG of the ISS, Brookhaven, December 13-17, 
Dear All,
The International Scoping Study (ISS) Machine Working Group will hold a
workshop on ISS machine issues from Tuesday December 13 to Saturday
December 17, 2005 at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Topics to be
discussed at the workshop include
        - proton drivers
        - targetry
        - front end systems
        - acceleration
        - storage rings
A number of imporant issues have already been identified for each of
these topics. The workshop will provide an opportunity to assess our
progress in addressing these issues and for laying out a roadmap for
future activities. 
We expect this workshop to be a true working meeting. Most of the day
will be devoted to small group discussions, calculations, simulations
and code development. We will all meet together in the late afternoon
for progress reports and for general discussions. If possible, please
bring a laptop to the workshop. 
If you are considering attending this workshop, it is important for you
to notify the workshop local host ( or the workshop
secretary ( as soon as possible. We need approximately 30
days advance notice to process the required paperwork for visiting BNL.
The workshop secretary can assist you with questions about
transportation and in finding suitable housing. Some rooms in the BNL
Guest House are currently available.
We hope to see you at the workshop.
--Rick Fernow, Bob Palmer, and Mike Zisman