Beams for European Neutrino Experiments


BENE Meetings are joint ECFA/BENE Weeks of meetings, held jointly with the regular meetings of the ECFA Muon Study Groups

16-19 March 2005 BENE Week

ENG/BENE Agenda 16th March 2005


Morning session 9.30 am 12:30 am (TH-auditorium, Building 4)

Meeting of the Target and Collector Section,  JRJ. Bennett



09.30  [talk] Non Cylindrical Symmetric Shocks in Liquid Jets                                 J. Lettry & E. Robert

09.45  [talk]  Proton Induced Thermal Stress Wave Measurements in Solid Targets   R. Wilfinger

10.00   [talk]  Status of the TT2A Experiment                                                       A. Fabich

10.30   ---Coffee---

11.00   [talk]  Pion Yields from Mars Calculations                                                    S. Brooks

11.30   [talk] The New UK Programme of Shock Measurements in Solids,                   R. Bennett 

12.00   [talk] LS-DYNA and ANSYS Calculations of Shock in Solids                        G. Skoro

12.30   Close



Afternoon session 1:30 PM 4:30 PM (PS auditorium) H. Haseroth, R. Edgecock

  1. [talk]  Parameters of 2nd SPL feasibility study                                        A. Lombardi
  2. [talk]  MMW target development for EURISOL and EUROTRANS            Y. Kadi
  3. [talk]  Lifetime test of a MMW solid target                                            R. Bennett
  4. [talk]  Frontend optimisation                                                                    S. Brooks
  5. [talk]  Simulations of FFAG rings                                                             F. Meot/F. Lemuet


4:45 PM  BetaBeam (PS auditorium)

  1. [talk]  EURISOL and the Beta-Beam Tasks: Status and Planning              M. Lindroos
  2. [talk]  The decay ring                                                                           A. Chance
  3. [talk]  Neutrino beams I3                                                                     A. Blondel



BENE SG Wednesday evening, with a SG dinner (for those who can)

BENE Agenda 17th March 2005


MUFRONT MUEND session 9:00-11:00,  F. Méot

ABM Auditorium, bldg. 6 2-024 (PS auditorium)

  1. [talk]  Insertions for muon FFAG rings                                     G. Rees
  2. [talk]  FFAG e-model, lattice studies, beam dynamics                 E. Keil
  3. [talk]  Beam transmission in isochronous FFAG lattices               F. Lemuet/F. Méot
  4.           Plans for future studies                                                 All participants


MICE session 11:30-14:30 / ABM Auditorium, bldg. 6 2-024 (PS auditorium) K. Long

  1. [talk]  MICE beam line and experiment status                                    P. Drumm
  2. [talk]  Simulations of MICE                                                              R. Sandstroem
  3. [talk]  Particle by particle emittance measurement to high precision     C. Rogers


Lunch (12:30-14:00)

  1. [talk]  MICE cooling channel: can we predict cooling to 10-3?               E. Gschwendtner



Proton Driver session 14:30-18:00, C. Cavata / ABM auditorium, bldg. 6 2-024 (PS auditorium)

  1. [talk]  P driver activities at CERN                                         R. Garoby
  2. [talk]  P driver activities at Saclay                                         C. Cavata
  3. [talk]  P driver activities at RAL                                             C.  Prior


--- Coffee --- (15)

  1.  [talk]  P driver activities in Italy                                         A. Pisent
  2.  [talk]  Proton driver for ADS applications                             J. L. Biarrotte
  3.            identify answers (and dates) to be given  during 2005 

                   Discussion: A. Blondel [talk],  K. Long [talk]


17:45 K. Peach -  Address to the ECFA/BENE WG from the new SPC Chair
                          Discussion (PS auditorium)


BENE Agenda 18th March 2005


Physics session (M. Mezzetto, P. Hernandez) 9h00-12h30 (PS auditorium)

  1. [talk]  Leptogenesis and low energy CP-violation                                                            S. Pascoli
  2. [talk]  Monochromatic neutrino beam from electron-capture                                            J. Bernabeu
  3. [talk]  Resolving degeneracies by atmospheric neutrino data in LBL                                T. Schwetz
  4. [talk]  Measuring atmospheric parameters with superbeams                                           E. Fernandez-Martinez
  5. [talk]  Optimization of the CERN-SPS beta-beam                                                        P. Hernandez
  6. [talk]  Improving beta-beam physics reach                                                                   M. Mezzetto
  7. [talk]  The impact of solar and atmospheric parameter uncertainties on the measurement of θ13 and δ    D. Meloni
  8. [talk]    Flux at a beta-beam facility                                                                            M. Lindroos


General open discussion : 14h00-16h00 (PS auditorium)

  1. Guidelines for the NuFact05 Workshop
  2. General  initiative of the ECFA/BENE Network in 2005