Beams for European Neutrino Experiments


Coordinator: V. Palladino

Deputy coordinator: S. Pascoli

BENE is a Networking Activity (N3) in the framework of CARE
(Coordinated Accelerator R&D in Europe).


Main Objectives

The aim of this Networking Activity is to integrate and coordinate the activities of the accelerator and particle physics communities working together, in a worldwide context, towards achieving superior neutrino beam facilities for Europe. The final objectives are:

·         to establish a road map for upgrade of our present facility and the design and construction of new ones;

·         to assemble a community capable of sustaining the technical realisation and scientific exploitation of these facilities;

·         to establish and propose the necessary R&D efforts to achieve these goals.




Dec 31, 2008 BENE, like CARE was officially over today, completed in the following weeks with the last (2008) Yearly Report and the Final Report. Networking information moves now to the (preliminary) NEu2012 Web pages.


Dec 7, 2008 Slides of BENE08, CARE08 and EuCARD kick-off meetings posted..


Nov 16, 2008 Agendas of the early December BENE08, CARE08 and EuCARD kick-off meetings posted.


Nov 14, 2008 The revised version of EuCARD Annex I (Description of Work) and the Grant Preparation Forms (GPFs) and a couple of other support documents  sent to EC today.


Nov 11, 2008 EUROnu final Grant Agreement Form A’s are reaching all partners to be signed. The Consortium Agreement was finalized a few days ago and the Grant Agreement signed by EC late in October.


Sep 13, 2008 ends in Paris the NNN08 workshop, the eighth in a series of workshops on the Next Nucleon decay & Neutrino large underground detectors and the theoretical and phenomenological work that motivates them (pushing limits on proton decay lifetime, advance our understanding of the neutrino sector and of high energy cosmic neutrino sources. Organized by the IN2P3 node of BENE, this is with NuFact08, this year’s workshop of most direct interest to BENE and its final report.


Sep 9, 2008 EC agreed that EUROnu has officially started on Sep 1.  The Grant Agreement  will hopefully follow in the near future.


Aug 28, 2008 Progress on FP7 Projects

1a) EUROnu = EUROn = 4 years FP7 EuroNeutrino Design Study of next neutrino facility: the draft Consortium Agreement is now under final revision. It may finally start this September. The dates of the signature of the Grant Agreement (4 M)  and of the first EC money transfer will only come later, however.  The delay, seven months already, has affected all FP7 Design Studies admitted to negotiation. Grant Agreement Preparation Forms are being finalized. A number of WPs are organising kick-off meetings over the next few months.

1b) LAGUNA, 2 years FP7 Design Study  of large scale detectors, has similarly started officially on July 1, but still expects EC funds.

2) NEu2012= Neutrino beams for Europe in 2012 = FP7 Networking Activity within the EuCARD Integrating Activity. EuCARD was informed early in July that a maximum EC grant of 10 M would be implemented for all IAs, thou EC may consider an extension of funding for some of them in later calls. EuCARD produced mid-July a short document describing a modified Proposal consistent with a grant of 10 M.  It had its first negotiation meeting with EC on Jul 31 and late in August a draft of full revised proposal (DoW= Description of Work) for the IA. The total cost will be 32 M. The budget of NEu2012 NA would be reduced by 12% and that of TA-STFC by 25% (to 280 and 222 KEuros, respectively).


July 5, 2008 NuFact08

The 10th annual International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, Super beams and Beta beams, organized  in Valencia by the Spanish node of BENE, ended today. It had been preceeded in Benasque in June by the accompanying summer school


Jun 08 The second-meeting of the IDS-NF, the International Design Study on Neutrino Factories took place this week.

May 20, 2008
Outcome of evaluation of FP7 IA proposals

An "initial information on the outcome of evaluation" was received today.

The score of EuCARD, Accelerator R&D, was 14.5/15. It was indeed admitted to negotiation.

The score of DEVDET, Detector R&D,  was12.5. Chances of admission are lower. We will need to set up (some reduced version of) DevDet , even if we had no EU seed money.


Apr 30, 08 The BENE 2007 Annual Report was submitted today (then slightly revised on Jun 1)


Feb 29,08 Two proposals of BENE interest for the first FP7 IA call, due on Feb 29 were submitted today.


EuCARD= European Coordinated Accelerator R&D,

Rooted in CARE, this is R&D for LHC, ILC, CLIC, n beams and more. In our sector, it includes the a new Networking Activity (the νEu2012 or NEu2012 NA), a Transnational Access (TA) to the STFC MICE muon beam, several Joint Research Activities (JRA’s) relevant for neutrinos in the areas of SCRF applications (the SPL and more), high power target and collector materials, NCRF applications (to ionization cooling channels and more), High Field Magnets for accelerators and storage rings of neutrino parents, FFAGg’s  and more. The total cost of EuCARD is 50 M, its request to EC is 15 M.

Rooted in BENE, the NEu2012 NA intends to deliver at the end of 2012 an agreed programme of neutrino experiments, based on upgrades of existing infrastructures and/or on the proposal of a new one. According to the the “European Strategy for Particle Physics”, that emphasizes the importance of accelerator-based neutrino experiments and sets the milestone for the next major undertaking in this field in 2012. The requests to EC is 315 KEuros.

The TA-STFC requests 296 Keuros.

DEVDET= Detector Development in HEP,

again R&D for LHC, ILC, CLIC, n detectors and more, with a total cost of 38 M and a request to EC of 11 M, including

WP2: Software development of common simulation and reconstruction software, including neutrino interactions
WP3: Electronics - development of common microelectronics solutions for detector readouts
WP5: Coordination office for neutrino detectors, coordinating the detector information from neutrino design studies (EURISOL, EUROnu, LAGUNA, Neutrino Factory IDS, ...) to propose a list of measurements to be carried out at test-beams, and to coordinate the test-beam measurements.
WP6- Trans-national access to the CERN test beams (including any neutrino test beam)
WP11 - Detector prototype testing in test beams - This includes creating the infrastructure for test-beams at CERN, which will include the equipment needed for a neutrino test beam


Feb 05,08 Kick-off meeting of the Governing Board and Collaboration Board (open) of the EURO Nu Design Study took place today. Negotiation on the Grant Agreements have been not completed yet, the DS will indeed be delayed by a number of months


Feb 01,08 A special ESGARD meeting reviewed the EuCARD IA Proposal


Jan 20,08 The first-meeting of the IDS-NF, the International Design Study on Neutrino Factories took place this week. European contributions to the IDS will mostly come throu the EURO Nu Design Study effort . Meetings will be joint to the largest possible extent.


Nov 15,07 Slides presented at CARE07 and BENE07 posted on the Web at





Work Packages


  1. PHYSICS (M. Mezzetto, A. Donini)
  2. DRIVER (M. Zito)
  3. TARGET (C. Densham)
  4. COLLECTOR (M. Dracos)

Upcoming meetings of BENE interest

Plase refer to the NEu2012 preliminary Web pages


Other Meetings of interest (before the news)


Project X - Machine 12-14 Nov 2007, Accelerator Workshop on Project X, Project X - Physics 16-17 November 2007, Workshop on Physics with a high intensity proton source, Fermilab, Batavia Illinois.


BENE07/CARE07 Meeting (October 29-31, 2007 - CERN)



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