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Oct 17  Quasi  final agenda posted


Oct 15, 07 The special ESGARD meeting with the Directors of EU HEP labs did take place today. The new general coordinators were appointed and the final guidelines for the CARE NEXT proposal were defined.  The discussion is scheduled at CARE07 in the afternoon of Oct 31.


Oct 7, 07 Preparation of the CARE07 and BENE07 yearly meetings is now in full swing. Among other things

CARE07 will be discussing the CARE-Next proposal in his quasi final state, after the scrutiny of the Directors of EU HEP labs that will meet mid October.

BENE07 will be discussing 1) -our own proposals, within CARE-Next, of new R&D, networking and other activities of interest for accelerator neutrinos beams.

                                                       2) -our own proposals, within another proposal of a HEP Detector IA , of similar activities in the sector of neutrino detectors


Sep  11, 07 A two day Open Meeting on IA's (OMIA), called by ESGARD, just finished at CERN.

It discussed the proposal in preparation of “CARE-Next”, a new FP7 Integrating Activity on Coordinated Accelerator R&D in Europe. The expected deadline of this call is Feb 15, 2008. Three working groups reported the present status of their contribution to the complete proposal. They will move on to merge and homogenize into one single IA. 


Aug 24, 07 The FP7 EuroNeutrino Design Study proposed by BENE in May, coordinated by STFC UK (Dr R. Edgecock) was admitted to Grant Negotiation,

now in progress. It ranked first among the DS proposals approved and the EC contribution will be 4 M€, 80% of our request, higher than any other project. A

Draft Grant Agreement should be ready in November. The Study will be 4 years long and start 1st February 2008.  A first governing board meeting on 5th February

should get everything started.

This is in line with the CERN Council Strategy Document that “promoted” a  future EU neutrino facility to the rank of an emerging research infrastructure,  aspiring

to become part to the ESFRI  (EU Science Forum for Research Infrastructures) EU Road Map for Research Infrastructure.


Aug 11, 07The NuFact07 workhop ended today. It marked the transition from the International Scoping Study to the International Design Studies. A Web site for the

Neutrino Factory Design Study is taking shape. Other major highlight was the renewed effort at Fermilab on both proton driver (Project X) & muon R&D.

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