Oggetto: EuCARD kick-off meeting per WP
Da: Jean-Pierre Koutchouk
Data: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 12:28:18 +0100
A: "eucard-wp-coordinators (European Coordination for Accelerator Development Steering Commit)"
CC: Svetlomir Stavrev

Dear EuCARD Work Package Coordinators,


In order to effectively take off on April 1rst, it appears appropriate to hold a kick-off meeting per WP before. We propose to the WP coordinators to organize it and suggest possible topics (after discussion with Gijs):

·         composition of collaborations (from pm to names of collaborators)

·         task implementation plans: sharing of responsibilities, planning for 2009 and perspectives for later, financial aspects, expected spending profile,…

·         WP communication and working methods (meetings, virtual meetings, external reviews?, publication strategies)

·         Dissemination: DCO contact person per WP (or task?), web sites,

·         Information from Coordination Office: how to use the flexible financial reporting negotiated?,..

·         Requests to the Coordination Office by the WP collaborators: reporting methods, common tools,…

·         Requests to DCO


If you think other topics should be added, e.g. based on your experience in CARE, please let us know. The meeting agenda anyway should depend on the specificity of each WP.


Given the number of WP’s, the scheduling of participation for the Coordination Office will be challenging. I therefore suggest to start as soon as WP’s feel prepared, possibly no later than Feb. 15th, to finish one month later. There are as well scientific events and meetings in this period and the early choice of dates is necessary. Can you communicate the date and place before Jan 17th?


We take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, as well as an interesting and pleasant partnership  in the EuCARD framework.


Jean-Pierre & Svet